Artist Collectible Special Designer Tool Kit! " Diamond Art Dreams MuxhRoom Fairy House By Sherri Baldy ""

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Artist Designer Tool Kit!

Kit Comes with ....

NOTE: Each may very slightly due to the products available to create each kit!


This Artist Collectible Special Designer Tool Kit by Sherri Baldy is perfect for experienced and aspiring Diamond Art crafters. This Beautiful kit is equipped with Diamond Painting tools, a Fantasy Art Kit, and a Mushroom House, this comprehensive set provides all the necessary components to create beautiful and intricate artwork on Diamond Paintings. Bring your Diamond Art dreams to life with this one-of-a-kind Designer Tool Kit!


* 1~ Custom Wax Pot! With WAX!

* 1 ~Matching Drill Pen!

  *2 Cover Minders

  *1 ~Drill Tray

   * And MORE!

* Kits Designed By Sherri Baldy

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